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Ministry of Justice, IOCI

         Galactic Empire
       The Ministry of Justice
       Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations
       IOCI Sector Operations
       ComSat 04823, Lake Justice, Lok


    Recruitment Status:    CLOSED. No further applications at this time.

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The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations (IOCI)

The IOCI keeps watch over assorted police organizations and maintains the Imperial Enforcement DataCore.  The IOCI in turn answers to the Justice branch of the Coalition for Progress - a branch of COMPNOR.  The IOCI is primarily a criminological agency which collects and exchanges data among other branches.

Working in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, the IOCI deploys field agents to investigate tier one crimes and frequently has cases forwarded to their sector office when deemed beyond the jurisdiction of local police.  

While the Imperial Security Bureau maintains the internal security of the Empire, and Imperial Intelligence monitors information on external groups and foreign agencies, the IOCI is a group where persons that wish to serve the efforts of Imperial Justice less directly may do so. Members of the IOCI do not work for any other group, and cannot use Imperial Equipment for their own purposes.

The IOCI is composed of some of the finest trackers and freelance enforcers in the galaxy and forms a stylized Imperial bounty hunting organization. Several law enforcement agencies work within the IOCI, including the Sector Rangers and various Planetary police forces.

The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations is a division that the Empire may employ to swiftly address threats or civic disturbances that may affect the stability and health of the Imperial citizenry. The Imperial Security Bureau and Imperial Intelligence, while they do not have direct charge over it, often employ the IOCI as a means to apprehend criminals and other enemies of the Empire.

Membership Information:   The IOCI is a roleplaying guild and our recruitment process is mainly RP oriented.  Presently, we are an Invitation only guild, and do not accept general applications.  The goal is to have no more than 10 agents between IOCI and ISB, as this is the ideal size for managing the various storylines we follow. Please do not apply if you are unable or unwilling to invest time on your character.  Inactive players/characters are subject to purge without notice. 

Roleplaying in the IOCI is slanted toward Criminal Investigation and apprehension.  In addition to free style Roleplay in which agents follow their own stories or come with their own roleplay,  there are also IOCI missions and cases that have to be worked.  A case can be resolved in a few hours or days depending on well the player investigates.  Cases will include Suspects, witnesses, physical evidence, and locations all of which are populated through the server and which IOCI Agents must find and analyze using tools and facilities at their disposal.

* ISB Agents - Additional Restrictions:   To be considered for the Imperial Security Bureau, the character must meet the following minimum qualifications: ( a ) Species limited to Human. ( b ) Character must not have been part of the Rebellion at any point in it's history. Rewriting biographies for a character that was an armed rebel combatant, to suit the application is unacceptable.  ( c ) Character must have served in the Empire, in a suitable field, that makes a logical transition to Imperial Security. Ideal characters will have been designed from the ground up as ISB. ( d ) Character may not be Force Sensitive and certainly not a Jedi. ( e ) Characters must complete a 30 RL day trial period before becoming full agents. At ISB Command discretion, the character may or may not be guilded for the evaluation period.

Ranking System: Agents advance through service and resolution of cases. We do not recognize the GCW Faction ranking system provided by the game, as our ranks are based completely on player activity, participation and success in undertaking various missions.


Warning!  The roleplaying - especially among the ISB group of players - is mature and adult oriented.  By this we mean it is heavily interactive requiring a lot of dialogue, conversation and puzzle solving.  In addition, ISB attempts to capture the essence of a political secret police, using inspiration from world war II and various facist political works.  This style of play is not for most casual gamers and despite our best warnings and disclaimers, instances occur where players are shocked and even distressed at some of the employed by the characters.  For this reason, effective 8/17/7 - The ISB screening has been increased to include a 30 day probationary period. The ideal candidate for ISB will be 25 years of age or older, have a decent vocabulary and communication skills, be truly able to differentiate between IC and OOC.  Before posting an application for ISB, please contact Daracles via PM or IG Email.


Sources: Pirates & Privateers,West End Games

Deputy Director
Macias Zeer
ISB Agent
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